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orthopedic and sports rehab catskill ny

Sports Rehabilitation & Orthopedics in Catskill, NY

orthopedics catskill physical therapy - functional core exercises

Whether you have chronic neck pain or a sudden sports injury, you can find help from our experienced and caring team of Catskill orthopedics specialists and local physical therapists. We'll develop an individualized and effective care plan that works for your health and your lifestyle. With 30 years of experience, our Greene County physical therapy services can help you return to a more active and enjoyable lifestyle.

Rehabilitation for a Wide Range of Conditions

Manage and improve your physical health and wellness with our team of orthopedists and local physical therapists' professional, affordable, and effective physical therapy, orthopedic rehab, and sports rehabilitation services.


Find Effective Physical Therapy Treatment

 • Back and neck pain

 • Herniated disk

 • Wrist and hand pain

 • Frozen shoulder

 • Carpal tunnel

 • Fibromyalgia

 • Post-surgical therapy (hip, knees, and more)

 • Sports injuries

 • Joint Replacement

Feel Like Your Old Self Again After Surgery

As New York physical therapy and wellness professionals, we offer beneficial and affordable sports rehabilitation and physical therapy services to treat all of your post-operative ailments, aches, and pains.


Benefit from the extensive knowledge our licensed sports rehab physical therapists and orthopaedists provide to help restore your body's health and optimal functioning abilities.

Our sports rehab therapy programs will get you back to playing as fast as possible. Our local physical therapists and Catskill orthopedics specialists have helped many athletes make triumphant returns to their sports after what they feared would end their careers. Call about our Greene County physical therapy services today!

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